Prog Health Sci 1(2), December, 2011

Current Issue  Prog Health Sci 2011,1(2) - 30 December, 2011


  1. Patients and nurses attitude towards pain management with alternative methods (639)
    Authors: Theodosopoulou E, Vazourakis F., Filintras I, Gkika D, Dimitrakaki P, Galanis P, Chadzopulu A
    pages: 5-10
  2. Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Autonomy: a Qualitative Study (658)
    Authors: Ponto M
    pages: 11-17
  3. Effects of different cultural background among students studying in an English medical program in Poznan (319)
    Authors: Mensah MT
    pages: 18-38
  4. Lifestyle and health behavior of school aged children in Krasnoyarsk (Russia), Lithuania and Grodno (Belarus) (612)
    Authors: Klimatskaya L, Laskiene S, Shpakou A
    pages: 39-45
  5. The Trust in Physician scale Anderson’s and Dedrick’s (TPS) in the obstetrics and gynecology departments in Greece (307)
    Authors: Chadzopulu A, Adraniotis J, Eurframidu EN
    pages: 46-51
  6. Analysis of quality of life women in menopause period in Poland (317)
    Authors: Krajewska-Ferishah K, Krajewska-Kułak E, Terlikowski S, Wiktor H
    pages: 52-58
  7. Analysis of nurse staffing and factors determining the demand for health care in Poland (690)
    Authors: Kózka M, Brzostek T, Ksykiewicz-Dorota A
    pages: 59-66
  8. The cerebellum in children with spastic cerebral palsy: Volumetrics MRI study (484)
    Authors: Gościk E, Kułak W, Gościk J, Okurowska-Zawada B, Tarasow E
    pages: 67-75
  9. Current view of the traditional superstitions in general population of Podlaskie province. Preliminary study. (298)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Radziejewski P, Rozwadowska E, Lankau A, Kowalewska B, Kondzior D, Szyszko-Perłowska A, Krajewska-Ferishah K, Ortman E, Moczydłowska A
    pages: 76-83
  10. Uncovering supplementary information from questionnaire inquiry on physical ability with aim to develop psycho-educational intervention: An example from survey at convalescents after acute pancreatitis with SF-36 questionnaire (317)
    Authors: Chmiel I, Górkiewicz M
    pages: 84-95
  11. Evaluation of threat of mobile phone – addition among Belarusian University students (305)
    Authors: Szpakow A, Stryzhak A, Prokopowicz W
    pages: 96-101
  12. Students opinions on DNA banking. Preliminarny report. (265)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Van Damme-Ostapowicz K, Rozwadowska E, Lewko J
    pages: 102-105
  13. Hospice workers’ and family of hospice patients’ perception of hospice care (253)
    Authors: Mickiewicz I, Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Kędziora-Kornatowska K, Muszyńska-Rosłan K
    pages: 106-112
  14. Healthy behaviors in Polish children and adolescents based on their artwork (574)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Lewko J, Jankowiak B, Van Damme-Ostapowicz K, Łukaszuk C, Rolka H, Kowalczuk K, Klimaszewska K, Sierakowska M, Baranowska A
    pages: 113-120


  1. Dilemmas on confidentiality of people with mental health problems (499)
    Authors: Ouzounakis P, Dalagozi P, Frantzana K
    pages: 121-125
  2. Agenesis of corpus callosum: genetics, epidemiology and neuroimaging findings (382)
    Authors: Gościk E, Kułak P
    pages: 126-131
  3. Therapeutic mud (99)
    Authors: Chadzopulu A, Adraniotis J, Theodosopoulou E
    pages: 132-136
  4. Legal protection of nasciturus in Poland - selected issues (697)
    Authors: Mróz T, Drozdowska U
    pages: 137-143
  5. Ozone effects on the respiratory system (258)
    Autors: Filippidou EC, Koukouliata A
    pages: 144-155
  6. Effects of air pollution on human health (264)
    Authors: Łukaszuk C, Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W
    pages: 156-164
  7. Breast cancer in the women and health promotion (672)
    Authors: Diktapanidou S, Ziogou T
    pages: 165-170
  8. Memory and factors improving synaptic transmission (491)
    Authors: Farbiszewski R, Kranc R
    pages: 171-178
  9. Lyme disease: etiology, pathogenesis, clinical courses, diagnostics and treatment (583)
    Authors: Wasiluk A, Zalewska-Szajda B, Waszkiewicz N, Kępka A, Szajda DS, Wojewódzka-Żeleźniakowicz M, Ładny JR, Pancewicz S, Zwierz ZW, Zwierz K
    pages: 179-186


  1. Esophageal carcinoma in patients with spinal cord diseases: a report on two cases and one patho-physiological hypothesis (483)
    Authors: Ohry A, Zeilig G
    pages: 187-191
  2. An unusual case of burst cervical spinal fracture of a 15-year-old-male (557)
    Authors: Sienkiewicz D, Kułak W, Gościk E, Okurowska-Zawada B, Paszko-Patej G
    pages: 192-195


  1. Spinal therapeutics before our times (478)
    Authors: Ohry A
    pages: 196-199
  2. Diseases as causes of divorce in Byzantium (267)
    Authors: Kourkouta L, Plati P, Adamou V, Spanopoulou A.
    pages: 200-203
  3. Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867), science, medicine, literature, his disability and his wheelchair (247)
    Authors: Ohry A
    pages: 204-207
  4. Professor Isidor [Israel] Zabludowski (1850-1925?): a forgotten pioneer of the modern scientific massage therapy (255)
    Authors: Ohry A
    pages: 208 -216


  1. Cardiovascular diseases in the tropics (473)
    Authors: Tomaszewski R
    pages: 217-219
  2. The autumn of life, growing old, loneliness or departing this life duly (272)
    Authors: Krzemińska-Żak B, Redlarska Z
    pages: 220-222