Prog Health Sci 1(1), June, 2011

Current Issue  Prog Health Sci 2011,1(1) - 30 June, 2011.


  1. An evaluation of student led health station in Finland. (1046)
    Authors: Ponto M, Paloranta H, Akroyd K
    pages: 5-13
  2. The incidence of malignant tumor among the adult population of Belarus, undergone. (429)
    Authors:  Kotava A, Sasnouskaya A 
    pages: 14-20 
  3. Indoor air studies of fungi contamination at the Tabacco factory in Kavala, Greece. (661)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Łukaszuk C, Chadzopulu A, Bousmoukilia S,  Terovitou Ch, Theodosopoulou E,  Amanatidou A,  Danilidis D.
    pages: 21-26
  4. Some approaches to improving patients’ compliance with antihypertensive pharmacotherapy. (945)
    Authors: Vdovichenko V, Snezhitskiy V, Kazakiewicz D
    pages: 27-33
  5. Analysis of  fungal air pollution  using different samplers. (856)
    Authors: Łukaszuk C,  Krajewska-Kułak E, Kraszyńska B, Chadzopulu A, Theodosopoulou E,  Bousmoukilia S,  Terovitou Ch,   Amanatidou A, Danilidis D, Adraniotis J
    pages: 34-42
  6. In vitro antifungal activity of  new thiatriazole  derivative agents. (734)
    Authors: Łukaszuk C, Krajewska-Kułak E,  Kułak W, Niewiadomy A
    pages: 43-50
  7. Polish version of the patient satisfaction with nursing care quality questionnaire. (728)
    Authors: Ksykiewicz-Dorota A, Sierpińska L,  Gorczyca R,  Rogala-Pawelczyk G
    pages: 51-56
  8. The role of understanding the brain death concept in individuals’ willingness to donate organs – preliminary study. (749)
    Authors: Hulewska A
    pages: 57-62
  9. Analysis of  microorganisms isolated from cervical canal of pregnant women giving birth prematurely in Poland. (776)
    Authors: Krychowska-Ćwikła A, Dmoch-Gajzlerska E
    pages: 63-72
  10. The Health Related Quality Of Life Aspects In Chronic Rheumatic Diseases. (714)
    Authors: Sierakowska M, Sierakowski St, Lewko J, Van Damme - Ostapowicz K,  Łukaszuk C, Baranowska A,  Krajewska-Kułak E
    pages: 73-80
  11. Acceptance of  chronic low back pain in actively working patients. (667)
    Authors:: Kułak W,  Kondzior D
    pages: 81-88
  12. Pregnancy, labour, and peurperium of teenage mothers in J. Śniadecki Provincial Hospital of Białystok. (722)
    Authors: Truszkowska M, Krajewska-Ferishah K, Kulesza-Brończyk B, Krajewska–Kułak E, Terlikowski SJ
    pages: 89-95
  13. Comparative analysis of e–learning and traditional teaching methods in the fields of nursing and physiotherapy in the Medical University of Bialystok. (716)
    Authors: Półjanowicz W,  Latosiewicz R, Kulesza–Brończyk B, Piekut K,  Niewiński A, Terlikowski ST
    pages: 96-103
  14. Planned motherhood of the modern woman. (804)
    Authors: Kuryłowicz M, Kulesza-Brończyk B, Dobrzycka B,  Terlikowski SJ, Kalisz A
    pages: 104-108
  15. Burnout education for volunteers in the opinion of medical volunteers. (608)
    Authors: Rozwadowska E, Krajewska-Kułak E, Kropiwnicka E, Kaniewska K, Krajewska-Ferishah K, Szyszko–Perłowska A, Kowalczuk K, Klimaszewska K, Van Damme-Ostapowicz K, Kondzior D
    pages: 109-115
  16. Quality of life of parents of children with cerebral palsy. (711)
    Authors: Okurowska-Zawada B, Kułak W, Wojtkowski J, Sienkiewicz D, Paszko-Patej G
    pages: 116-123
  17. Internet addiction among academic youth  in Białystok. (782)
    Authors: Lićwinko J, Krajewska-Kułak E, Łukaszuk C
    pages: 124-130


  1. Unique Mastic Resin  From  Chios. (792)
    Authors: Chadzopulu A,  Koukouliata A,Theodosopoulou E, Adraniotis J
    pages: 131-136
  2. Online psychological help and psychosupport in psychological and  pedagogical practice. (682)
    Author: Aouil B
    pages: 137-143
  3. On variability of semantic range of the idea of care in the philosophy of Cracovian nursing. (998)
    Author: Pucko Z
    pages: 144-147
  4. Tropical medicine in practice. Polish-Nigerian bridge Tropical medicine in practice. (667)
    Authors: Van Damme-Ostapowicz K,  Krajewska-Kułak E, Edeh EMP, Tomaszewski R, Nwosu PJC
    pages: 148-152
  5. Catholic ethics perspectives on euthanasia and the discontinuation of aggressive treatment. (1080)
    Authors:  Głodowska KB, Krawczyk-Wasielewska A
    pages: 153-160


  1. The clinical case differential diagnosis of tertiary syphilis and anthrax. (761)
    Authors: Tsyrkunov V, Bogutskiy M, Prokopchik N, Khvoryk D
    pages: 161-166
  2. Malignant mixed mullerian tumor in two patients receiving tamoxifen therapy. (729)
    Author: Koukouliata A
    pages: 167-170


  1. Role of a Balint group in hospice practice. (648)
    Author: Stelcer B
    pages: 171-174