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Prog Health Sci 2017, 7(1)
Current Issue  Prog Health Sci 2017, 7(1) - 30  June, 2017


1. In vitro anti-Candida albicans activity of new thiatriazole derivative agents.
Authors: Łukaszuk CR, Niewiadomy A
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2. Enzymatic activity and biotypes of Candida fungi isolated from the surfaces of mobile phones and hands.
Authors: Kordecka A, Krajewska-Kułak E, Łukaszuk C, Kraszyński M, Kraszyńska B
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3. Energy expenditure and nutrition status of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance students.
Authors: Rossiou D, Papadopoulou S, Pagkalos I, Kokkinopoulou A, Petridis D, Hassapidou M
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4. Using proton-pump inhibitors among haemodialysis patients- single academic dialysis centre preliminary experience
Authors: Rakowska M, Brzósko S, Dąbrowska E, Jabłońska E, Szczykowska J, Prusator P, Kwaśniewska A, Naumnik B
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5. Efficacy of  Lepidium Sativum to act as an anti diabetic agent
Authors: Mishra N, Mohammed A, Rizvi SI
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6. Ergonomic evaluation of physiological stress of the building construction workers associated with manual material handling (MMH) tasks
Authors: Saha P, Basu B, Sen  D
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7. The long bone fractures in children and adolescents treated surgically in West Pomeranian Voivodship in 2005-2014
Authors: Kamiński A, Dzik M, Kołban M, Szwed A, Bilnicki T
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8. Venous Thromboembolism Audit; where are we now and how can we improve?
Authors: Woodward-Stammers E., Ponto M.
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9. Effects of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment in children and patients with  cerebral palsy: preliminary report
Authors: Paszko-Patej G, Kułak W, Okurowska-Zawada B, Sienkiewicz D, Wojtkowski  J, Sochoń K, Kalinowska A, Okulczyk K,  Topór E, Mirska A  
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10. Analysis of biofilm production in Enterococcus faecium strains depending on the clinical sources
Authors: Sieńko A, Wieczorek P, Majewski P, Sacha P, Wieczorek A, Ojdana D, Tryniszewska E
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11. AIDS and nutrition in patients
Authors: Kourkouta L, Monios A, Mihalache A, Iliadis Ch, Ouzounakis P, Dimitriadou A
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12. Clinical and videocapillaroscopic features and serum concentration of Nitric Oxide in patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon after Multiwave Locked System laser therapy
Authors: Kuryliszyn-Moskal A,  Kita J,  Hryniewicz A
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1. Herpes simplex encephalitis – diagnostic imaging.
Authors: Tyrakowska-Dadełło Z, Kułakowska A, Zajkowska J, Pancewicz Sł, Tarasów E
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2. Matrix metalloproteinases in urinary system tumours. Part I - Matrix metalloproteinases in renal cell carcinoma.
Authors: Młynarczyk G, Kudelski J, Darewicz B, Galewska Z, Romanowicz L
Abstract (PDF (37))  Full Article (PDF (25))

3. Matrix metalloproteinases in urinary system tumours. Part II - Matrix metalloproteinases in urinary bladder carcinoma.
Authors: Młynarczyk G, Kudelski J, Darewicz B, Galewska Z, Romanowicz L
Abstract (PDF (23))  Full Article (PDF (28))

4. Stem cells are the hope of modern stomatology
Authors: Gabiec K, Wyrzykowska K, Dąbrowska Z, Antoniak M, Dąbrowska E
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1. Wombs for rent, outsoursed pregnancies, baby farms  - ethics and surrogate motherhood
Authors: Bagan-Kurluta K
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