Prog Health Sci 2(1), June, 2012

Current Issue  Prog Health Sci 2012,2(1) - 30 June, 2012


  1. Services Provided by Drop in Centre (DIC) to Patient Living with HIV/AIDS in a Tertiary Health Care Centre in Mumbai (508)
    Authors: Saurabh R S, Prateek S
    pages: 5-11
  2. Antibiotics susceptibility and the presence of blaIMP and blaVIM  genes among of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains resistant or susceptible
    to imipenem
    Authors: Sacha P, Wieczorek P, Ojdana D, Jaworowska J, Kaczyńska K, Bajguz A, Tryniszewska E
    pages: 12-18
  3. Are patients admitted to the virtual ward satisfied with the intervention
    of the community matron in their care pathway?
    Authors: Roger G, Ponto M
    pages: 19-27
  4. Evaluation of the students’ knowledge about sunbed and solar radiation (485)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Łukaszuk C, Lewko J, Van Damme-Ostapowicz K, Lankau A,  Rozwadowska E, Kowalewska B, Kowalczuk K
    pages: 28-32
  5. Mobile-phone addiction in adolescence: The Test of Mobile Phone Dependence (TMD) (703)
    Authors: Chóliz M
    pages: 33-44
  6. Problematic mobile phone using among the Polish and Belarusian University students, a comparative study (942)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Stryzhak A, Szpakow A, Prokopowicz W, Marcinkowski JT
    pages: 45-50
  7. An ergonomic assessment and fitness evaluation of young male tea factory workers in dooars, West Bengal (320)
    Authors: Sengupta P, Sahoo S
    pages: 51-57
  8. Body Mass Index in elderly people - do the reference ranges matter? (547)
    Authors:  Babiarczyk B, Turbiarz A
    pages: 58-67
  9. Risk assessment of malnutrition based on the NSI Determine Checklist among persons in advanced old age living in rural areas (538)
    Authors: Wojszel Z B
    pages: 68-75
  10. Self-assessment of health condition among patients in long-term nursing home care (322)
    Authors: Mojsa W, Chlabicz Sł
    pages: 76-80
  11. Attitudes towards euthanasia among health workers, students and family members of patients in hospice in north-eastern Poland (512)
    Authors: Mickiewicz I, Krajewska-Kułak  E, Kułak W, Lewko J
    pages: 81-88
  12. Quality of life of patients after bariatric treatment – preliminary results (482)
    Authors: Sierżantowicz R, Hady Razak H, Kirpsza B, Trochimowicz L, Dadan J
    pages: 89-94
  13. Lower limb oedema in vascular disease (345)
    Authors: Fiodorenko-Dumas Ż, Paprocka-Borowicz M, Dumas I
    pages: 95-100
  14. On-line seminars in the education of Warsaw Medical University students (340)
    Authors: Kalinowska-Przybyłko A, Kowalczyk-Nowakowska J, Baranowska B, Dmoch-Gajzlerska E
    pages: 101-106
  15. Social competences of health service workers. Pilot study. (676)
    Authors: Tychmanowicz A, Kuśpit M
    pages: 107-112
  16. In the service of hope? Self-awareness of folk healers and their social reception (550)
    Authors: Charyton M A
    pages: 113-121
  17. Perceptions of nurses as health educators held by children and  adolescents based on their artwork (522)
    Authors: Krajewska-Kułak E, Kułak W, Van Damme-Ostapowicz K, Lewko J, Łukaszuk C, Lankau A, Rozwadowska E, Cybulski M, Guzowski A
    pages: 122-128


  1. Neurologic adverse events following vaccination (822)
    Authors: Sienkiewicz D, Kułak W, Okurowska-Zawada B, Paszko-Patej G
    pages: 129-141
  2. Receptors of the sight sense and genesis of the eye lens transparency (491)
    Authors: Farbiszewski R, Kranc R
    pages: 142-146
  3. Health protection in tropics. A safe journey to Ghana (545)
    Authors: Van Damme-Ostapowicz K, Krajewska-Kułak E, Olszański R, Nahorski W.L, Łukaszuk C, Lewko J, Sierakowska M
    pages: 147-152
  4. Ethical problems of palliative care in the period of its evolutionary transformation (487)
    Authors: Iwaszczyszyn J, Kliś-Kalinowska A, Czekaj J, Chmiel I
    pages: 153-157
  5. Pro-ana, murderous face of the Internet (403)
    Authors: Gwizdek A., Gwizdek K., Koszowska A.
    pages: 158-161


  1. Outstanding discoveries made by medical students (576)
    Authors: Ohry A
    pages: 162-170
  2. Running after quacks and mountebanks… (480)
    Authors: Ohry A, Tsafrir J
    pages: 171-174


  1. The meaning of the nursing in Byzantium (527)
    Authors: Kourkouta L, Plati P, Ouzounakis P
    pages: 175-178